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Your appliances are essential to your home’s comfort. Whether they are damaged or old, they still need to be maintained. You can’t just ignore appliance problems. Doing so can lead to more problems that can be costly to fix. That is why when signs of damage show on your appliances, have it fixed right away! Consider hiring a professional HVAC contractor like Curtis Refrigeration to do the repair for you. We can properly repair damaged appliances owned by our clients in Duncan, OK.

When Fixing Appliances

Appliances are sophisticated pieces of equipment that require proper attention to ensure their good condition at all times. Appliances like refrigerators, stoves, washers, air conditioners, and dryers are made up of different parts. Some of their parts are also made up of different materials that can be delicate. You’ll need the expertise if some parts need to be fixed. You need skills if some parts need to be replaced. But without proper training, you might not be able to tell which part needs to be fixed and which needs to be replaced. This is why most people turn to professionals to fix their appliances. Hire professionals like us if your appliances need to be fixed.

We Can Fix Appliances!

Our appliance repair service will follow proper procedures starting with a thorough inspection of the entire appliance. We’ll check each part of the appliance, making sure to determine what’s wrong with it so we can fix the damage correctly. If some parts need to be fixed, we’ll do so. We can replace some parts as well. If some parts need to be removed, we’ll do that as well. Then do a final test run just to see if the appliance is working properly again. So, if you do need help fixing your damaged appliances, you know who to call.

Curtis Refrigeration is the reliable HVAC contractor you can turn to for repair work. Do you need help fixing the appliances in your home in Duncan, OK? There’s no need to hesitate. Give us a call at (580) 448-4200 today so we can start with the repair work right away!

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